Either way I'm Palindromos (hannahdustan) wrote in beautyabounds,
Either way I'm Palindromos

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A glimpse of the beauty of my weekend.

When silence is suddenly broken by a spring downpour that lasts for under a minute only to return again in 10 to last another minute.

When you go outside for a cigarette during work and feel a cool misting on your face that you don't try to protect yourself from.

When the tree outside your apartment begins to bloom in fuscia, a color you thought was reserved for 80s spandex clothes and find youself shocked that it's actually a pretty color.

Sweating in a room of 300 people with a girl dancing and bumping into you but it doesn't matter how uncomfortable you are. You are being washed over with music.

Feeling the arms of my husband wrap around my waist and for a moment nothing in the world could possibly be wrong.

I want to run barefoot outside in the rain, splash in puddles, open my mouth to let rain land on my tongue, come in drenched and cold but feeling free and 5 years old again.
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