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Go ahead! Steal my teeth. See if I care.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning and all day I've been making sure to enjoy every bite of solid food. I had chips, cheerios, leftover steak from last night, leftover scalloped potatoes, chewy granola bar, and an i.c. mocha from panera bread. I'd like to have more but they said I'm supposed to eat an easily digestible meal the night before and can't eat for 6 hours prior to the actual surgery. ick.

Point being, food tastes damn good when you know tomorrow you'll be dreaming of chewing again.

mmmmmmmmmm steak sandwich!

I'm finding myself looking forward to tomorrow. Not the knock me out and take my teeth part, but the spend the day with my Mom watching all the chick flicks Scott won't enjoy and laying on the couch eating nothing but jello and pudding all day part. Just having an excuse to have jello and pudding as the main staples of my diet is kind of cool.

But spending the day with my Mom taking care of me while I'm sick like it was when I was little sounds nice. She was always good at bringing me things I needed/wanted and saying things to make me feel better. Plus she always knew what would work to get me better. But having the power again to mumble "jewwo pwease" and magically I have jello is making me wonder what other surgeries I might need.

I guess there's even beauty in oral surgury. Who knew?
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